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Monday 26 September 2011, Tiziano Room, 13:00 – 14:30

Plenary Session ” Industry meets with end-user needs and market challenges”

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Welcome Messages

Lena Gustafsson, President of AAL Association

Nichi Vendola, President of Puglia Region

Antonio Maria Gabellone, President of the Lecce Province

Keynote Address

Antonio Tajani, EU Commissioner Entrepreneurship and Industry,  Vice-President of the EC

Lambert van Nistelrooji, Member of the European Parliament
“Looking forward on Healthy and Active Ageing from the perspective of European Parliament” 

Neelie Kroes, EU Commissioner European Digital Agenda, Vice President of the EC (video message)

Anne Sophie Parent, President of AGE Platform

European SMEs – Best practices and succesfull AAL applications

Christl Lauterbach, Future-shape Gmbh, Germany

Giampaolo Armellin, GPI, Italy

Saskia Vermeulen, Simac Business Solutions, The Netherlands

Carlos de Castro Lozano, CPMTI, Spain

Tuesday 27 September 2011, Tizano Room, 09:00 – 10:30

Plenary Session ” How can the EIP on Active and Healthy Agening support industry, and the market and older people?”

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Opening and Introduction

MIke Biddle, Executive Board of the AAL Association

Mario Ali, Director General Italian Ministry for Education, University and Research (MIUR)

Keynote Address

Constantijn van Oranje-Nassau, Cabinet member and senior advisor of European Vice-President Neelie Kroes

“Policy, Strategy and Objectives of the EIP-AHA”

Loredana Capone, Vice President Puglia Region, Italy

“Regional Aspects of Researchh & Innovations in view of the EIP-AHA””

Eckehard Moritz, Director of SportKreative Werkstatt, Germany

“The SME point of view on the EIP-AHA”

Misha PavelProgram Director at the National Science Foundation, Washington DC, USA

“Supporting innovations in the USA in the field of the AAL”

Wednesday 28 September 2011Tiziano Room, 11:00 – 12:30

Plenary Session ” How AAL solutions can support social innovations? A Regional approach”

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Keynote Address

Rafael BengoaMinister for Health and Consumer affairs of the Basque Government, Spain

Olga RiveraDeputy Minister for Quality, Research and Health Innovation of the Basque Government, Spain

Alain FrancoPresident of the International Society for Gerontechnology, The Netherlands

Alex Kalache, Former Director of the WHO
Alan Walker, Prof. Sheffield University
 “Introduction to Social Innovation” 

Regional Solutions

Zoltan Lantos, Client Management Director, Health Economy Advisor, Hungary

Moira McKenzie, West Scotland Region (Video Conference TbC)

Carlos Bezos, Value Creation, Spain

Announcement of the next AAL FORUM location.



Chair: Geja Langerveld

Room: Leonardo
Session A1 – The role and needs of informal carers in AAL (click here for speakers)

Session A2 – Physical and mental wellbeing and care for older adults with cognitive impairments and their relatives and carers (click here for speakers)

Session A3 – Self management of physical activity and mental wellbeing for older adults with chronic conditions (click here for speakers)

Session A4 – “Pecha Kucha”: networking for learning and partnership (click here for speakers)

Session A5 – Gaps and issues for future development in AAL (click here for speakers)


Chair: Gerda Geyer

Room: Tiziano

Session B1 – Social Interaction – Focus on Gender Differences and Rural / Urban Areas (speakers)

Session B2 – Social Interaction – Focus on Social Community Networks and ICT-based Services (speakers)

Session B3 – How can end-users inform the development of a business plan? (speakers)

Session B4 – Methods of End-use Involvement in the Field of Social Interaction and Related Ethical Issues (speakers)

Session B5 – Social Interaction of Older Persons in 2035 (speakers)  



Chair:  Reiner Wichert

Room: Caravaggio

Session C1 – Taking part in the self-serve society (speakers)

Session C2 – User interfaces and User interaction (speakers)

Session C3 – Self-services in daily living (speakers)

Session C4 – Speakers Corner (speakers)

Session C5 – Panel discussion (speakers)  


Chair: Hartmut Strese

Room: Donatello

Session D1 – Open Session AAL Topics (speakers)

Session D2 – Information, Learning, User Interfaces (speakers)

Session D3 – Home Care – informal and professional care (speakers)

Session D4 – Primary prevention (speakers)

Session D5 – AAL at Work (speakers)  


Chair: Sofia Moreno

Room: Raffaello

Session E1 – A global vision on ageing. Policies, programs and expectatiions around the world (speakers)

Session E2 – European ageing-related policies (speakers)

Session E3 – The experience from ageing related initiatives in the European Regions (speakers)

Session E4 – Getting Older in south Europe (speakers)

Session E5 – Social innovation in active and healthy ageing (speakers) 

The 2011 AAL FORUM 2011 will be preceded by an inspiring guided city tour of the historical centre of Lecce on Saturday 24, and it will kick off with the registration and the welcome & networking cocktail for all attendees on Sunday 25 September.

Get involved and catch up with all delegates for a networking opportunity not to miss!